OneWeb technology companies want to start the world's largest satellite Internet plans

Satellite Internet companies OneWeb announced that in order to give the world a lack of network access for billions of people with high-speed Internet and telephone, plans to launch a satellite network coverage around the world, and is committed to providing quality services on preferential prices, so such access is more economical, the establishment of the world’s largest satellite network.

This will be a group of near-Earth orbit satellites. OneWeb company press release says, this constellation as “carrier-class micro-satellite constellation.” Investors of the program in addition OneWeb company, Virgin Group will also provide assistance to support the project. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson said: “I am pleased to share this can change the world, incredible and exciting project.

OneWeb technology companies want to start the world's largest satellite Internet plans
OneWeb technology companies want to start the world’s largest satellite Internet plans

According to the International Telecommunication Union, as of the end of 2014, more than half the world’s population has no access. At present, people can not get general education, will be able to receive education through the network. And those who want to work can create new business through networking with other parts of the world people.

According to physicist organizations reported net January 18, Branson said the program is great. Their idea is that Virgin Galactic small satellite launch rocket “launch by One” (LauncherOne) system capable of launching satellites frequently, due to LauncherOne rocket from the aircraft, eliminating the emission of infrastructure costs, and from multiple locations execution launch, giving the user maximum flexibility. It can put a satellite into space, sending much more efficient than the previous big rocket. “We were able interval three hours to four hours to send a satellite., And plans to use the 648 initially built an array of satellites, if successful, will send a 2400 satellite.”

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