Japan Air Express UAV experiment was a success

Delivery to the Islands of empirical experiments, recently achieved success in Japan with a small unmanned helicopter. For want the inconvenience of life more abundant opportunity Islands, Takamatsu City, a man in line to raise investor experiment.

This unmanned helicopter is four square, about one meter long and weighs about 4 kg. Rely on the four corners of the propeller flight. Experiment, goods transported is the camera and first aid kit, a total of 1 kg weight within about 8 km distance between Takamatsu City Takamatsu Donggang and Ogijima, only less than 20 minutes of flight. The experiments were planning Masato Ono said: “very happy experiment can be formed in order to inconvenience Islands, hoping to develop and empirically test can continue..”

Japan Air Express UAV experiment was a success
Japan Air Express UAV experiment was a success

Ono was born in Kagawa Prefecture IT engineers, 10 years ago, back to Kagawa. Island hopping hobby itself. And from the operators often have community “Kamomeya” The Ogijima Takamatsu City and located downtown home. Islands of life, because there is no regular boat, the boat is the last one in the evening, and occasionally had to take the price of the more expensive sea taxis. Because it takes a boat costs, but also a lot of one-time unified shoppers.

Amazon’s online shopping mall to see, in the US UAV parcel of news, which makes Ono was inspired to “Flying Home Delivery KamomeAir Kamome plan” in the name, the start of the experiment.

On a computer equipped with UAV airframe, enter the path and destination, the UAV can automatically to the specified place. Not that save time, and even able to drive down the freight. Ono Bianxiang domestic manufacturers to order a light cargo loaded even if the body can also be a long flight of UAV airframe. Experiment takes about 1 million yen (about 53,000 yuan) funds, through the network to recruit minority investor funds raised, about 100 people attended.

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