Human nasal olfactory mechanism 3D model

Human nasal olfactory mechanism 3D model
Human nasal olfactory mechanism 3D model

The flavor of mints can be carefully savored through the nasal cavity. This fragrance can enter the nasal cavity where the olfactory receptors are present in the nasal cavity of the body. However, the researchers are not aware of the specific molecular mechanisms. Recently, the smell of mints has been published in the internationally renowned magazine PNAS Of the research papers, scientists from Yale University to build a new 3D model to help resolve the nature of this phenomenon.

Professor Gordon Shepherd, a researcher, says that this study confirms that people are particularly adapted to enhance the form of olfaction and that they also enhance the central role of fragrance in the human diet. In this study, experts from the field of engineering and imaging technology have worked together to develop In addition to this new 3D model, engineers in the field of engineering carried out related hydrodynamic studies, while scientists in the imaging field carried out a full scan of the body’s throat.

The researchers said they were surprised to find this dynamic fluid model that could help reveal that the back of the mouth of the oropharynx or can be shaped so that the particles can be collected into a virtual cavity in a virtual cavity In which the particles will be effectively inhaled through the expiratory flow, the process is called the nasal olfactory; compared to the body nasal inhalation process can be correctly through the cavity flow, so as to minimize the particulate matter The possibility of entering the lungs, and even in the case of normal breathing, we can still occur at relatively low flow rates.

The researchers speculate that this mechanism of the nasal cavity can also help the body through the nasal sense of smell quickly perceive the smell, accompanied by touch and taste to determine whether our mouth can accept this substance; in addition to volatile substances into the lungs through the opportunity Is reduced to the lowest, because the volatiles will provide the body with a warning to inform the body do not accept this food.

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