Hawking appeal to beware of the side effects of artificial intelligence

According to the British “Financial Times” on the 12th reported recently, including Hawking and entrepreneur Elon Musk, including a number of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of artificial intelligence-related jointly issued an open letter warning people to be more Note artificial intelligence (AI) and social security. From the bottom of the e-Future of Life Institute (FLI) in the open letter also comes with a paper, which proposals should be given priority, “a strong and good” artificial intelligence. Currently, there is a growing fear of the machine intelligence and the ability to create them may be more than human, thus affecting the human employment, and even affect the long-term survival of mankind.

The letter said: “Because of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence to carry out how to avoid the potential pitfalls while to get its very important to study the benefits of our artificial intelligence system, must work in accordance with our wishes.”

FLI was founded in 2014 by including Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, including volunteers. On the one hand the purpose of the establishment of the institute is to promote “optimistic picture of the future,” the study, on the one hand it is to “reduce existing risks facing humanity.” Among them, those risks arise in the development of artificial intelligence and the human equivalent process, will be the focus of the concern. Co-founder of SpaceX and Tesla’s Musk, members of the famous actor Morgan Freeman and cosmologist Stephen Hawking is FLI Scientific Advisory Board.

Hawking appeal to beware of the side effects of artificial intelligence
Hawking appeal to beware of the side effects of artificial intelligence

Musk said he believed uncontrolled artificial intelligence “may be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.” Other signatories to this open letter on FLI also includes behind the scenes director Luke Muehlhauser Executive Director of Machine Intelligence Research Institute and professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, artificial intelligence and enterprise DeepMind Vicarious, and several Google, IBM and Microsoft employees. This letter does not in a peddle fear for the purpose. On the contrary, it is very careful while emphasizing the positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence.

The letter said: “A broad consensus exists today is that artificial intelligence research is steadily progressing, its impact on society is also likely to be increased gradually everything is the crystallization of human wisdom, human civilization has to offer. this wisdom is artificial intelligence tools may provide amplification, we can do what we can not imagine, but in that case the eradication of disease and poverty will no longer be out of reach. in this sense, there is a huge artificial intelligence the potential benefits. ”

Currently, some of the benefits of artificial intelligence research has become a reality, including speech recognition and image recognition, and automatic driving the car. In Silicon Valley, the estimated number of people now engage in artificial intelligence business start-ups more than 150. In view of artificial intelligence is attracting more and more investors, many entrepreneurs and Google and other companies are looking forward to establish through the computer will think independently, and get a huge return. For this situation, FLI warned that people should perhaps be “promptly” put more focus on the social consequences of artificial intelligence research not only from the perspective of computer science, but also economic, legal and information security from the perspective of research.

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