Existing drugs may be to treat children's brain cancer

Published online – research on “natural medicine” a mouse introduces several options for the treatment of aggressive children a deadly brain cancer.

The study found that the potential for health care will soon reveal the precise genetic changes for the patient and patient-specific drug used in pairs, it also means to study the brain child of a new treatment for progress.

This child brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, almost no treatment available to treat the disease, and because the tumor will spread to all the important areas of the brain, thus surgery is not feasible.

Recent genetic studies have shown that tumor cancer frequently must produce genetic changes in a group of proteins – Histone the cells responsible for the packaging of DNA and regulate gene expression in a class of proteins. This particular genetic changes will hinder the activities of a compound responsible for regulating these histone modifications, resulting in the proliferation of cancer.

Existing drugs may be to treat children's brain cancer
Existing drugs may be to treat children’s brain cancer

Northwestern University Rintaro Hashizume et al existing drug were tested – the drug with the above-described blocked regulators are acting on the same path, they selected cancer in mice mutated histone experiments, attempts use of the drug to reverse the effect of the mutation. They reported that after using the drug for the treatment of established tumors, the survival rate increased.


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