Character determines success or failure NO! Companion is more important

While our own character affects our performance, the other half of our character is related to the success of our work.

Character determines success or failure The study says that the partner is more important

What can be done in the office? As we all know, character affects professional competitiveness, high-income people tend to be more outgoing, ambitious, serious and confident. Whether you measure success on wages or personal satisfaction, the character of the office star tends to be energetic, proactive and extremely eager to succeed.

A surprising new study shows that character’s role in work output is even greater than what we thought before – but in an unexpected way. Brittany Solomon and Joshua Jackson of the University of Washington found that while our own character influenced our work performance, the other half of our character was related to the success of our work.

Many people looking for romantic companions, such as sexy hot or gentle personality. But the data from Solomon and Jackson suggest that we should consider more when looking for a partner and should look for those who can influence us in our work and have a long-term impact on our job performance.

What type of partner can raise your income? Should you look for a good, energetic or curious sweetheart? Or those who are rich in compassion, good communication, good at cooperation? According to Solomon and Jackson, the best character award should be awarded “responsible for Mr.” and “responsible for Miss”.

In their longitudinal study, Solomon and Jackson tracked feedback from 4544 heterosexual couples, and about 75% of them were double-income families. Participants first completed a personality test, used to test five personality traits: extroversion, easy-going, responsible, neurotic and open.

During the five years, participants also measured job achievement by reporting their job satisfaction, hourly earnings, and promotion. Finally, participants provide data on household chores, lifestyle decisions, and marital satisfaction.

Solomon and Jackson found that people who have a more responsible partner tend to have higher job satisfaction, are more often promoted, and they say their income has improved in four years. Why is that? Responsible people are trustworthy, and have arranged to organize, they provide reliable support, good at planning and realizing their lives. Solomon and Jackson therefore assume that those who have a partner in charge can do less housework or let their partner do so, so they can devote more time and effort to work. Less laundry, rarely be bad to do this to do that, reduce the burden of housework can be changed to better salaries, more progress and higher job satisfaction.

In a single and double-income family, the benefits of a responsible partner are obvious, and this effect is more intense in a single-income family. So, whether working outside or at home, the responsible partner provides strong support, those who work at home may be better able to cope with child care and housework.

These data are also similar for men and women, which means that, regardless of gender, getting help from the family helps to improve your work.

Responsible partners not only create a successful environment, but they are also a good example. Because we like to imitate some of the behavior of the partner, have a responsible partner may be able to work in the work to stimulate a better reliability and efficiency, to further improve the performance.

Finally, those who are in charge of the partner tend to call them more satisfied with each other, and the increase in marital satisfaction may ease the pressure and make it easier for people to focus on their professional activities.

Family life can affect our professional performance, the concept we are not the first time met. A lot of research shows that the experience at home will spread to our experience at work (and vice versa), just as pressure can be transposed between her family and work, and your emotions at work can be with your partner at home The emotional connection. Previous studies have examined the relative crossover effect of relative transfer (for example, work is not liking to make your home night too bad) Solomon and Jackson’s findings clarify that a person’s partner’s character will be his / her career There is a longer lasting effect on the success.

It may be difficult to find a partner, but Solomon and Jackson’s data may help those who are strong enough to narrow their search. Want to get personal and professional success, then go to find a support you, reliable, things are organized, and self-discipline. After all, and a regular replacement toilet paper companion together, no one will be unhappy.

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