Natural Nutrition High Protein Low-carb Low-fat Meal

Taizhou Protein Powder

December 20, 2019 ANT MEDIC 0

Taizhou harnesses that power with a combination of high-protein plants, and eggs and grains to create a complete protein. And it gets better – the protein is dairy-free, gluten-free, completely organic, and raw.

Nutrition diet for long-term bedridden patients

Nutrition diet for long-term bedridden patients

February 3, 2018 ANT MEDIC 0

Prolonged compression of a tissue by a prolonged bed rest in a bedridden patient may result in a number of complications resulting from the ingestion of cellulite-rich foods such as whole grains, raw beans, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds .

Depression and nutrition treatment

Depression and Nutritional Therapy

January 20, 2018 ANT MEDIC 0

Depression patients often have a tendency to commit suicide when their condition is severe. Lack of nutrition is associated with depression. This has been largely overlooked in past treatment.

The relationship between albumin and protein - human albumin structure

The relationship between albumin and protein

January 10, 2018 ANT MEDIC 0

Albumin maintains the body’s osmotic pressure balance and body fluid balance, the function of the protein is to form the body cells and tissues, promote growth and development, participate in the body’s metabolism, the formation of antibodies, enhance immunity and supply heat.