Care methods for stroke paralyzed elderly

5 Self-care ability and professional ability of training

When paralysis improves, patients should take the initiative to exercise their daily life skills. Medical staff and their families should give proper guidance and enthusiasm to encourage patients to do what they can, such as undressing, washing their face and eating.

Second, Matters needing attention

  1. Ward quiet, clean, comfortable, should have good service.
  2. Family members should be sympathetic and understanding, so that patients have the confidence to overcome the disease, support for treatment and functional exercise.
  3. Assess the extent of defects in patients’ ability to take care of themselves and provide life support to the patient. After the condition is stabilized, the patient is encouraged to use the healthy limbs for taking things, washing and moving the body.
  4. Bedridden patients should keep the mattresses clean and dry, the ipsilateral limb should be placed functional position, highlighting easily pressurized parts with air cushion or balloon protection; paraplegia patients should be lying in a movable hole (placed toilet) wooden bed, so as not to Lumbosacral skin was rubbed by the toilet.
  5. The sick room to keep the air circulation, and pay attention to keep warm, encourage patients to cough, to help patients stand up and pat the back of the trachea is not easy to cough up secretions. Eating should be slow to prevent choke into the trachea, nasal feeding with difficulty swallowing.

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