Care for bedridden patients in nursing home

Objective: To explore the nursing care of bedridden patients in order to improve the quality of life of patients.

Methods: The nursing ward 13 years of patients admitted to the health information summary analysis, summed up good clinical experience.

Results: Only 7 out of 300 patients were hospitalized for bed sores due to malnutrition and other special reasons. The incidence rate of bed sores was 2.3%. Among them, 45 bedsores had 2-3 bedsores before admission. After systematic treatment Reasonable nursing are cured.

Conclusion: Reasonable and scientific nursing can improve the quality of life of elderly bedridden patients and reduce the incidence of complications.

Care for bedridden patients in nursing home
Care for bedridden patients in nursing home

Nursing Ward is a set of life care and treatment in one of the special departments, special admission to bed patients, from Jianke to date has been 13 years, a total of 300 people admitted to the longest stay in hospital for up to 8 years, received a good social reputation. The following years of nursing experience in this regard are described as follows:

1 Comfortable environment

Ward must be clean, tidy, elegant, regular ventilation, good lighting. Room temperature maintained at 18-20 ℃, humidity to 50-60% is appropriate. Can be properly put some light music, helps to relieve fatigue, good mood, conducive to treatment. Bed units should be set as far as possible to consider the patient’s convenience, comfort, safety, willingness and other conditions, bedside should be kept where the daily necessities (such as glasses, watches, combs, mirrors, cups, etc.). Put something meaningful to the patient, such as a memorial, photograph, religious item, etc., where the patient can see it. The room can be decorated with some flower bonsai to increase vitality and give life and vitality to the patient to enhance their fight against the disease. Confidence and courage.

2 Personal hygiene care

Bedding often sun, sheets, quilt, pillowcases and other bedding often change, cleaning. Bed at any time finishing, keep flat, clean, no wrinkles. Wash your face daily, wash your hands, comb your hair, wash your feet and clean the vulva and other daily care. To maintain oral hygiene, to help patients gargle after a meal, brush their teeth sooner or later, patients with dentures, dentures should be taken after a meal or before going to bed, clean and soak in water. On the confusion, with warm water or saline cotton ball oral care. Weekly for the patient to wash the hair and the bed a bath, sweating the summer as the daily bath at least once. Shampoo or sponge bath to adjust the room temperature, generally between 21-24 ℃ is appropriate to prevent the cold.

3 Dietary care

Long-term bedridden patients with slow gastrointestinal motility, poor digestion, easy constipation, poor immunity, should be a reasonable diet. Should give high nutritional value, light digestible high-protein diet, such as milk, eggs, soy products, lean meat, fish and so on. Eat more vegetables rich in potassium and fruits, such as bananas, oranges, green leafy vegetables. Pay attention to color, smell and taste to increase appetite. Patients who can not eat their own bed should be fed, nursing caregivers should wash their hands before the meal, the patient is best to take a seat or half-seat, prone or lying should be turned to the side of the head, so as not to choke food into the trachea. Feeding should be slow, when the soup bogey from the middle of the mouth straight down, should be slowed down from the lips, but also to the patient preparation of paste food, choking cough immediately stop eating, quickly spit out or dig out the mouth of the food, it is necessary When the endotracheal intubation and other rescue measures. Nasopharyngeal feeding to patients who have difficulty swallowing or who have coughs. Patients who can eat themselves can place small tables in their beds to encourage their own meals and reduce the care of others. Recommend the use of high-protein, low-sugar, low-fat meal protein meal.

4 Mental and spiritual care

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