Brain training does not make you smarter

In the past few years, if you’ve ever had to spend five minutes browsing the web or playing phone APP, you will know that cognitive training – often called “brain training” – has become a kind of self-improvement of the hottest new trends. Lumosity, which provides web-based games that are designed to improve cognitive abilities, such as memory and attention. The site boasted that they have 50 million subscribers, and in the domestic public radio advertising. Cogmed claimed to be. “By computers to solve due to poor working memory and attention problems caused by” BrainHQ will help you. “Create their own unique brain” of these products as implicit or explicit commitment, mental training can make you smarter – and make your life better.

So far, according to the life research center at Stanford University and the Berlin Max Planck Human Development Association released a statement, there is no reliable scientific evidence to support the mental training can make you smarter commitment. The joint statement signed by 70 of the world’s leading cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists, very clear and unambiguous.

The group believes that the scientific literature does not support the use of “mental game” software can change the function of the nervous system and improve overall cognitive performance in life or prevent cognitive degeneration and brain diseases.

Brain training does not make you smarter
Brain training does not make you smarter

The statement also suggested that, even if some brain training companies will say “The following is a credible scientific adviser, as well as research related to cognitive training records and references cited … usually only with the company’s scientific statements and they sell games a hint of contact. ”

For brain training industry, this is bad news, but not surprising. Less than a decade ago, the consensus is the psychology of a person’s intelligence, even if not the same as a fixed height, but not easy to increase. This consensus mapped a century history of failure – Psychologists have been trying to propose ways to improve intelligence, without much success. The experiment consistently found that when people practice a task, they will be improved in this task, it could be improved on a similar mission. Such as playing video games, you will be in this game, there may be a similar game and improved, the study said no, you will not be improved in the task in real life, like your job, car, or fill rebates Single.

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