Black hole can make the galaxy early aging

Many galaxies know that life will eventually run out to generate new stars of gas and dust, but some galaxies will “prematurely die”, they are more than the galaxy evolution model to stop the generation of stars as early as hundreds of millions of years. Astronomers have not yet fully understood the causes of galaxies’ early aging, but a new study suggests that active black holes in the middle of galaxies may be one of the main causes.

Researchers used the radio telescope to observe in detail the four elliptical galaxies that were apparently moving from a new star to only a few stars. These galaxies are in the distance of 275 million light years to 375 million light years. Researchers say these galaxies seem to have dissipated the huge gas energy needed to generate new stars, but the researchers are not yet aware of what it is behind. These gases may not be lost because they interact with other galaxies because the stars are relatively isolated in the universe.

The research team recently published in the “Royal Astronomical Monthly” on the study said that the number J0836 (Figure) as a galaxy, for example, a large number of galaxies near the cold hydrogen gas may be the middle of the huge black hole blown away from the original The The gas tends to be on the path of a material that produces strong radiation in the radio waves, which indicates that the gas may have been expelled from the parent galaxy, when the black hole in the middle of the galaxy was much more active than it was today. A further analysis of these four galaxies and other similar galaxies can help scientists determine the cause of premature aging of galaxies in such stars.

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