Application of 3D printing technology

In recent years, 3D printer gradually coming into view. Whether you admit, 3D printer is changing every second of our lives, to create a new line of clothing, housing people cool.

3D printing technology has entered our kitchen. Barcelona, Spain, startups have launched a 3D food printer. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that, this printer has the “Print” out of red beans pie, cheese on burgers and pizza, you can use this printer in your own kitchen to produce the same food as the factory assembly line.

Not long ago, an American designer produced a pizza come out of the printer. This printer can print out the different shapes according to customer requirements pizza, such as a variety of the Eiffel Tower, Spider-Man, the hippocampus and other things you can imagine, than to be delicate handmade pretty much.

Application of 3D printing technology
Application of 3D printing technology
Not only can print out the food, the clothes can also use 3D printer to break out, and strange materials, varied. US company to use 3D printing technology to produce a set of evening dress. As long as the customer’s measurements into the computer, the designer can adjust the parameters accordingly, and the model input 3D printer, a sexy close-fitting dress is produced from a 3D printer. This dress is not a frill in the window, but the genuine clothes, you can wear to the ball.

In Amsterdam, one count of using 3D printing technology to complete the building construction program underway in one. The project designers using 3D printer to produce an industrial scale connection walls, floors, furniture, plastic parts. Eventually, the house will have 13 separate rooms, which also uses lightweight concrete to ensure a solid and sound effects extent housing structure.

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