Anal fistula surgery wound recovery should pay attention

Anal fistula is a common rectal anal canal disease, is occurred in the anorectal abscess ulceration or incision and drainage of the prognosis. Anal fistula is an era after abscess, which is a two-stage disease. A typical anal fistula is a smooth and complete pipeline, one in the anal sinus, one outside the anal verge, or in the rectal wall. Atypical anal fistula is generally only the mouth and no outside the mouth, or although there are outside the mouth and mouth, but the middle fistula occlusion, or only outside the mouth, the mouth can not find, or simply there is only an induration.

Anal fistula surgery wound recovery should pay attention

Anal fistula accounted for an incidence of anorectal disease was 8% to 20%. The age of onset to young adults aged 20 to 40 mainly. Infants and young children are also not uncommon, mainly seen in boys, girls rare, male to female ratio of 5: 1.

Anal fistula can not be self-healing, non-treatment will be repeated recurrent anorectal abscess, causing pus and fecal incontinence, conservative treatment can only partially relieve symptoms but not radical cure, surgical treatment is the most effective way.

Anal fistula wound dressing replacement is good or bad, is a key issue of the success of surgery.

Even if the operation is successful, if the neglect of wound dressing replacement, surgery is often easy to fail.

Therefore, the doctor must replace the dressing himself or at least check the wound regularly.

Nursing, dressing replacement and precautions:

  • Take a bath and rinse
    After the operation should be a day bath, especially after the bath can not be ignored. To ensure that the wounds clean, accelerate healing. Wound washing should be carried out on large wounds, first with hydrogen peroxide solution, and then with warm saline solution or antibiotic solution for wound washing. Flushing should maintain a certain pressure, so that the cleaning fluid to reach every corner of the wound.
  • Dressing replacement
    Wound dressing to prevent the wound surface adhesion (skin bridge), so the wound should be small at the end small mouth, from bottom to top healing. If you remove the dressing, found within the wound pus, suggesting residual abscess, should immediately expand the drainage, otherwise the wound will not heal.
  • Rectal examination
    Can be found in the wound without dead space and pus retention, in addition can also be found with or without anal stenosis, if there should be regular anal augmentation treatment. Therefore, regular rectal examination.

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