Aircraft black box is outdated, should use return real-time aircraft information in satellite

Whenever the crash, rescue teams in addition to the full search aircraft and the victims, but at the same time want to race against time to find the black box flight data recording, but if the plane crashed into the sea, might take a long time to search for the black box. Aviation experts criticized the aviation industry failed to make good use of increasingly advanced technology, real-time transmission of flight data to the ground in case of emergency.

Reported that the airline industry since the 1950s, the use of the black box flight data recording, note the wind speed, time and height of 88 different flight data and cockpit crew to record the dialogue is an important tool for investigating the causes of the crash.

However, after the 2009 Air France AF447 airliner crashed in the Atlantic, the authorities took two square black boxes recovered; March this year, Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft black box is not been anywhere, so experts reflect on whether there is a more efficient approach.

Air Canada worked to improve the black box design engineers let Mourinho bluntly, the black box is obsolete product. He believes that the current technology is sufficient to transmit data to the ground via satellite.

Aircraft black box is outdated
Aircraft black box is outdated

But analysts now refers to the intense competition in the aviation industry, the use of satellite technology to transmit data costly black box, the cost of up to $ 7 per minute, and the case is completely missing airliner extremely rare, is widely believed not worth switching to a new technology.

In recent years, more and more airlines using satellite tracking system to obtain the position of the aircraft, AirAsia since the beginning of this year to enhance the tracking system for its aircraft, but has not been upgraded QZ8501. Analysis means if QZ8501 been upgraded system, the authorities will be able to more accurately position it learned last appearance will help accelerate the recovered aircraft. But technology installation costs per passenger aircraft reached $ 100,000, if frequent updates for hundreds of flight equipment, will involve increased costs, airlines are reluctant to adopt.

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