5 Misunderstanding in brain

Something about the way children learn to popular belief, it may lead to educators and parents using the wrong education.

1. The use of only 10% of human brain

Fact: Humans only use 10% of the errors of the brain (sometimes raised to 20%) is just an urban legend in 2011 movie “endless” lead story (urban legend about different people tend to have different variations ), the plot of the movie revolves around a cure, cure gives the protagonist of this memory and analysis capabilities beyond ordinary people.

2. Before learning another language you must speak

Fact: Children can learn while English and French, and not confuse them, but the language acquisition process more slowly. The language regarding interference view that different regions of the brain with each other for resources. In fact, children who learn two languages, even at the same time, the structure of the language as a whole has a broader awareness.

5 Misunderstanding in brain
5 Misunderstanding in brain

3. Different male and female brains ability to learn

Fact: Men and women have different brains indeed, their different brain function may be caused by different physiological function caused. At least not yet studies show that when we learn new skills neural network connections have different sex characteristics. Even some of the gender differences do exist, they may be insignificant and do not deviate from the average value – in other words, they may not be related to any individual.

4. Each child has a unique learning style

Fact: About students tend to have a better concept of learning outcomes in a particular sensory input next – a “visual learner” and by hearing people learn better in different – in the actual study was never verified. For this and other no difference between public perception seems to go beyond the science. UtaFrith, is a neuroscientist, he hosted a symposium in the UK, at which he promised to examine nerve teaching parents and educators called for careful implementation: “Public Neuroscience Information for education do not know much this caused a lot of unscientific method is completely untested to be used. ”

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