NASA's Dawn sent back the clearest images of Ceres

NASA’s Dawn sent back the clearest images of Ceres

June 11, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft sent back a dwarf planet by far the sharpest images of Ceres. According to physicist organizational networks reported on January 27, this image is far from the space outside of the 237,000 kilometers back to Earth. Dawn is about to become the first man to visit Ceres detector, it will open a new era of human exploration of space.

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Nano-medicine faster healing for wound

June 8, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

US researchers said nanoparticles attached external use can significantly accelerate wound healing. They invented this drug may be used to accelerate a variety of wound healing, including daily cuts, burns, surgical incisions and chronic skin ulcers. Finally, this troubled elderly and diabetic patients is a major problem.

US 2016 budget concern of antibiotic resistance

June 2, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

In fiscal 2016 budget request, the US government has started a preferred project: Resistance Antibiotic resistance. January 27 published a factsheet describes how President Barack Obama plans to invest in a number of agencies nationwide $ 12 billion of funds to enable the Government to invest in the fight against the Japanese, the more serious the drug resistance of infectious public health crisis of turn some.

Autism Genome major discovery

Autism Genome Discovery

June 2, 2015 ANT MEDIC 0

The largest-ever autism genome research project funded by the Autism Speaks discovered the genetic basis of autism before more complex than believed, most autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) in patients with autistic siblings have different relevant gene.